What I Do

When I was a kid I was all over the map. I loved playing baseball, collecting coins, mowing lawns, swimming, reading, playing tennis, and getting in all sorts of minor trouble. Looking back on it, I was probably ADHD, but, thankfully, we didn't have those designations back then.

Now as an ADHD-style adult, I'm involved in multiple, cool projects at any one time. That's why it so hard to answer the question "What do you do?" when I first meet people. "I'm a psychotherapist, keynote speaker, philosopher, writer, trainer, coach and wild man," I might say. But then again, probably not.

So, here are some quick and dirty descriptions, as well as links, to some of my current projects. If you've got ideas, opinions, questions, suggestions, or money to invest, just send an email to DTEastman@aol.com

*** I'm a philosopher at heart. And though my formal training is in counseling and religious studies, I work with both individuals and organizations to help them grapple with the deep issues such as meaning, identity, relationships, ethics, life and death. Find out more at http://www.RentAPhilosopher.com

*** I collect little morsels of wisdom the way some people collect vintage Porsches, jazz records, or Hummels. You can find well over 1300 of these one-line insights at http://SingleSentenceWisdom.com

*** And, not only do I collect quotations, at times I can't stop myself from commenting on them. Commentary on over 300 of my favorite quotes can be found at http://WisdomEverywhere.com

*** One of the interests that I share with damn near everyone on the planet is our ongoing search for happiness. I'm in the midst of a research project to find out what the so-called experts on happiness think. Periodic blog posts which summarize my findings and make wild leaps of conjecture can be found at http://HappinessArchive.blogspot.com

*** I used to have an online book business called GonzoBooks. We specialized in used and out of print books, mostly non-fiction. While I sold the business back in 2008, I retained the name, and GonzoBooks threatens to arise from the grave any day now. You can check out its progressive resurrection at http://GonzoBooks.com

There's more, of course, but that stuff will have to wait for another day. For now I'm, off to meditate, swim and have a beer, in that order. Can websites or blogs on those three activities be far behind?

All the best!